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So many tentacles!

16 Oct

20121016-012237 PM.jpg

My name is Emma, and I love squid. So much so that – in much the same way that Jay Rayner admits to being unable to resist the charms of pork belly – if I spy calamari on a menu, the rest of that menu is instantly dead to me. Hell, I still have the occasional happy flashback to the deep-fried baby squid at The Circus.

I’ve wanted to give squid a go as an ingredient for a while. To avoid that nasty rubbery texture that puts so many people off, you need to cook either super-quick or nice and slow, so with a bit of time to myself this weekend I decided to try Chasing The Dish’s recipe for squid and chorizo stew.

20121016-012400 PM.jpg

I bought this little fellow from The Fish Shop on Gloucester Road. Thankfully, the fishmonger offered to clean him for me. Yes, I may not be squeamish about the eating of squid (the tentacles are the best bit!) but I’m not quite ready to gut it myself. I’ve got a long way to go, baby, to inappropriately paraphrase Germaine Greer.

I bastardised the recipe slightly; leaving out the celery, but adding a glug of red wine (not too much, mind – I did want some left to drink), some strained chopped tomatoes and a few spoonfuls of flour to thicken it towards the end. I scaled it down to make two portions rather than four, too, because I wasn’t entirely sure how well it’d freeze. I think this may have been a good decision.

20121016-012629 PM.jpg

The result was exactly what I’d hoped for: meltingly tender squid – impressively so, given it took less than two hours to cook – in a stew packed with flavour and texture. Fantastic with a squeeze of lemon juice and some ciabatta from the Love Bristol Pop-Up Bakery on Stokes Croft. Nothing better than a productive Saturday, is there?