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Attempting to make a meal (deal) of it

16 Jul

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One of the downsides of not being paid all the money in the world – along with not having my own private tropical island and a wardrobe full of Mulberry handbags, of course – is relying on packed lunches most days. It gets super-dull unless you’re careful

Last week I picked up an awesome sandwich from Boots: chicken, pea and mint wholemeal wrap. It was light, fresh and gave me an idea. By ‘idea’, of course, I do mean ‘something to attempt to rip off at home’.

20120715-100112 PM.jpg

I slightly adapted a pea and mint dip recipe from Good Food to make the purée – I basically chucked some defrosted peas, a lot of fresh mint, a few glugs of olive oil and a little bit of butter into the food processor and blitzed it. I love my food processor; using it always feels ever-so-slightly like alchemy.

A bit of rocket (not in the Boots version, but I’m borderline obsessed with the stuff) and some lemon and garlic roast chicken (I do love the excuse to do a roast on a Sunday) and it was done. I’m actually quite excited for lunchtime…

My big fat Greek packed lunch

12 Jul

20120712-091548 AM.jpg

Yep, I’m still trying to chase down that Greek food dragon.

I get bored of normal salad (or indeed any packed lunch) fairly quickly, so I’m always keen for new spins to put on it. I’m fairly pleased with this combo: salad leaves, crumbled feta, Greek-style new potatoes and home-made tzatziki.

The potatoes are somewhere between a roast and a fondant – drizzled with olive oil and then shoved into a roasting pan with chicken stock, an oregano-heavy herb mix and an almost-literal ton of lemon juice. Thanks to a bit of confusion with the recipe (which called for two tablespoons of the seasoning mix; apparently this didn’t mean the properly measured type) the tzatziki is about more garlicky than I’d have ideally liked. Still, it’s pretty close, and a good way of incorporating cucumber, which I don’t really like on its own – plus, I should be able to nail it next time.

Monday’s attempt fared less well. After a morning sat in the office fridge, tzatziki and potato marinade had conspired to turn things into a sad, soggy mess. This morning, though, I stumbled upon a two-compartment takeaway container in the kitchen cupboard. Problem solved! I need to get me one of these ace Black + Blum lunchboxes.