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24 Aug

20120824-055754 PM.jpg

A few months ago, the question above is exactly what I’d have been asking myself. It’s also up on the wall in The Canary in Bath (credit for the photo goes to their website, by the way). The answer is: ‘drinking gin’.

I’m a recent convert to gin, but as soon as I realised (thanks to my friend Izzi) that I didn’t actually hate it, I quickly got well and truly on board. Now: gin is great. Nice gin is even greater.

The Canary is a specialist gin bar. Seriously, the selection it’s packing behind the bar is incredible. It’s also the newest addition to what could feasibly be described as a ‘street of win’ – Bath’s Queen Street – which also features such treats as The Raven, Firehouse Rotisserie and Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights (well, those last two are technically John Street, but close enough).

20120824-060007 PM.jpg

The highlight of my visit was the Victorian Mojito. A double shot of Hendrick’s, muddled with cucumber, mint, lime and golden syrup, then topped up with tonic. Basically, like a normal mojito, but even more impressive. But that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the raspberry gin, or the sloe gin. I enjoyed both of those very much.

The decor is quirky, the ambience warm, and the batman friendly and knowledgeable. Do you like gin? My newfound evangelicalism says that you should. And if you do, I can’t recommend a trip to The Canary enough.