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My baking goes to Hollywood

3 Aug

20120803-072833 AM.jpg

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently received Paul Hollywood’s How To Bake as a birthday present. I love it – the writing is both accessible and informative, and the recipes cover a great range of bakes. It’s a largely savoury book, which is perfect as far as I’m concerned. After all, there are only so many ways to bake a cupcake.

They’re recipes I’ll actually use, too. The other day I decided to dive in feet-first with the sea salt and oregano focaccia recipe – it’s something I’ve been meaning to attempt for ages, and is one of my favourite breads.

20120803-072843 AM.jpg

Suffice to say, it was messy. The dough is really wet, and sticks to your hands like nothing else I’ve ever made. If it weren’t for the recipes’ reassurance, I’d have been a bit nervous that I was doing something wrong.

20120803-072855 AM.jpg

A few hours – and a couple of rounds of proving – later, the result was far more reassuring. And the end product? Well, it’s pictured at the top of the post. I’m pretty proud of it as a first attempt: it makes pretty damn good sandwiches with some rocket, chorizo and mozzarella.

20120803-072901 AM.jpg

While the dough was proving, I also knocked up a batch of the gruyere biscuits. They were simple enough to do, and ended up wonderfully light (although I’d probably grate the gruyere more finely next time to give the dough an easier consistency to work with). They were also approximately as sinfully delicious as you’d expect from something made up of equal parts flour, butter and cheese.

Oh, and the whole house had the lovely, yeasty smell of rising bread. Triple win!