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A tiny taste of NYC

20 Sep

20120918-064849 PM.jpg
Full and frank disclosure: I have never been to New York. Nor have I ever been especially desperate to – I’ve seen enough episodes of Friends and enough photos from actual friends to feel like I already have. But I have been to the New York Deli. Many times.

Tucked away in one of Cardiff’s quirky city-centre arcades, it’s a tiny place perfect for grabbing lunch. I spent many a happy hour gossiping over me of their hoagies while at uni (probably when I should have been in a lecture), and every time I manage to make it back there I’m veritably overwhelmed with nostalgia. And hunger, obviously.

20120918-064855 PM.jpg
This is one of their Reuben sandwiches – salt beef, Swiss cheese and thousand island on rye bread (plus coleslaw, but I was wearing a posh dress and scared of spilling on myself). Just look at the amount of amazing filling in it.

Actual authenticity? I wouldn’t know. But this feels like a very good approximation of my imaginings, at least. Seriously, who needs to go to NYC?