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I really wish this was my local

17 Sep

20120918-120614 AM.jpg

“Can we go to The New Conway while we’re in Cardiff for Huw‘s wedding?” asked my friend Jamie, before we returned to our ex-adopted hometown on the weekend. “My friend’s taken it over. The food’s really good – I think it’s the only place in the city in the Michelin Pub Guide.” I’m not entirely sure what part of that he’d expected me to refuse. Hell, he had me long before the word ‘Michelin’.

20120917-115300 PM.jpg

I am so glad we didn’t have to choose between the starters. Some decisions are just too tough to be made when in a slightly fragile state on a Sunday. Instead, we had a platter of pretty much all of them: houmous; olives; butternut squash arancini; fishcakes with onion and coriander salad; and roasted garlic, thyme, honey and kidney bean fritters. The latter were my favourite – light, crispy shells surrounding a soft middle, with whole kidney beans adding texture and a lovely, subtle undernote of sweetness.

20120917-115311 PM.jpg

My philosophy that almost every savoury food can be improved with the addition of generous amounts of chorizo apparently holds true when it comes to a roast, especially when said roast involves large, juicy pieces of chicken complete with crispy skin.

20120917-115317 PM.jpg

We had another platter to share for dessert: banana cake with apple compote and white chocolate icing; shortbread and toffee sauce; rhubarb panna cotta; and Jamaican ginger cake. I think it was somewhere around the panna cotta that we simultaneously realised our hangovers had lifted, and that we were sat giggling with joy over a fantastic board of pudding.

Somebody please remind me why I no longer live in Cardiff?

Attempting to make a meal (deal) of it

16 Jul

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One of the downsides of not being paid all the money in the world – along with not having my own private tropical island and a wardrobe full of Mulberry handbags, of course – is relying on packed lunches most days. It gets super-dull unless you’re careful

Last week I picked up an awesome sandwich from Boots: chicken, pea and mint wholemeal wrap. It was light, fresh and gave me an idea. By ‘idea’, of course, I do mean ‘something to attempt to rip off at home’.

20120715-100112 PM.jpg

I slightly adapted a pea and mint dip recipe from Good Food to make the purée – I basically chucked some defrosted peas, a lot of fresh mint, a few glugs of olive oil and a little bit of butter into the food processor and blitzed it. I love my food processor; using it always feels ever-so-slightly like alchemy.

A bit of rocket (not in the Boots version, but I’m borderline obsessed with the stuff) and some lemon and garlic roast chicken (I do love the excuse to do a roast on a Sunday) and it was done. I’m actually quite excited for lunchtime…