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Foodie Penpals: feeling Hungary

2 May

This month’s package of foodie goodness came from Szilvia, who lives in Budapest, Hungary. Once again, another cuisine I knew nothing about, but her incredibly thoughtful parcel has hopefully put paid to that.


Inside was a wealth of lovely items:

* Jokai Bableves and guylas soup mixes
* Tubes of guylas crem and porkolt izesito to use as bases for stews and soups
* Magyaros fuszerkerverek spice mix for marinading meat
* Wild garlic
* Paprika
* Goose liver pate
* Home-made rosehip jam
* Local sweets
* Beautiful home-made lollipops



Szilvia also sent me plenty of local recipes, including one for pasta and potatoes with paprika, which I can’t wait to try next time we have a chilly day (knowing British summer, I’m sure I won’t have to wait long). I think I’m most excited about using the rosehip jam on toasted bagels for breakfast – it’s deep, complex-tasting and not too sweet – and about experimenting with the spice pastes and wild garlic, which I’ve been meaning to try cooking with for some time now.

Thank you very much, Szilvia!

My other partner this month was Gill at Tales Of Pigling Bland – fingers crossed she liked her parcel from me, too.

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