Attempting to get on the ‘nice’ list

26 Dec

20121226-085116 PM.jpg

Family tradition dictates that every Christmas we have a Yule log, made by me. In past years, it’s always been a pre-bought Swiss roll assembly job, smothered in butter icing; most likely dating from the days when my mum was incredibly keen to occupy a hyperactive, overexcited child on Christmas Eve by giving her a fairly easy, minor job. It was also far too cloying for any more than a single slice of – at least to my taste.

This year I decided to put a bit more effort in; to do things properly. Food magazines had been bombarding me with recipes since approximately mid-October, which didn’t help matters. After wading through at least six volumes, I settled on Olive‘s twist on this recipe: a chocolate roulade, with chocolate marscapone and cherries.

20121226-085207 PM.jpg

The base was a light sponge, fairly easy to make. Rolling it up initially to cool? Also an utter doddle.

20121226-085253 PM.jpg

Hell, even the filling, despite initially looking distinctly unappetising, quickly became a smooth confection of chocolatey indulgence. Helped in no small part by the liberal addition of crème de framboises, I’ve no doubt.

20121226-085344 PM.jpg

Once the cake was spread with the marscapone mix and dotted with the cherries (also doused in raspberry liqueur), I was starting to get a bit complacent. Why had I never thought to do the Yule log properly before?

20121226-085440 PM.jpg

Then it came to rolling it all up. And things went a bit wrong, with a small crack soon turning into a vast canyon down one side. Thank heavens for the cut-and-stick repair job possible with a Yule log. Oh, and for eye-distracting Cath Kidston decorations.

Still, the end result was light, not too sweet, and just rich enough – mission accomplished. According to my family, we now have a new tradition.

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