To the Batcakes!

21 Jun

20120621-093804 PM.jpg

If I had Charm City Cakes levels of icing wizardry at my disposal, I’m sure I’d have produced a scale replica of the Batcave – or the very least a uniformly precise Bat-symbol – but alas, I’m just one girl. And a clumsy one who’s a disaster waiting to happen when she’s got a piping bag in hand, at that.

Still, my friend Louise is quite the Bat-fan, and it’s our last day in the office together tomorrow before she scarpers off back home to Scotland, so I thought I’d at least give these a go as a little treat for her – even if Alfred would probably turn his nose up at the idea of serving them to Master Wayne.

They’re nothing fancy, just made up using the basic cupcake recipe from the Sainsbury’s Baking Recipe Collection (a surprisingly useful little tome to have on standby, actually – this recipe in particular is my ever-reliable fallback), but I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

The little paper bats were absolute sods to cut out, mind. Could’ve been worse, though – at least she’s not a Spider-man fan…

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